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Help Me Beta Test the Rockgrrl Photo Gallery: I've made it my mission to take more climbing pictures of people I've met while out climbing so they can have their own souvenirs of the day -- I thought about doing this when I realized that most climbers were like me, either you're climbing or belaying so you can't position yourself to take optimum climbing pics as souvenirs. I've taken my pics and needed a place to hold them for folks to download them so I've installed some great software that automatically creates a photo album with thumbnails and a slideshow option from your uploaded pictures. Forum members will get their own free photo album space which you can access directly from your specifc url, you will be able to set permissions on the album, make sub sections, etc. I need more folks to play around with the controls, upload pics etc and give me feedback on if they like it or find it easy to use Click Here to See the Gallery.

Climbing Route Ratings: I've taken the international ratings chart you might be used to seeing and made it a tiny bit clearer to read in terms of comparing ratings. I've also put in my highly subjective breakdown of what ratings are for what level of climber and added article notes on how ratings are determined. Read more here.

Rockgrrl.com's Debut : Well I've finally done it, combined my love of rock climbing and graphic design to produce a website that showcases both. I created Rockgrrl hoping not to compete with other rockclimbing and outdoor sites out there on the net, but to provide a comfy place for "grrls" (my term for a female of any age who finds "girl" or "lady" too young and/or stuffy sounding) to hang out, chat, be serious about climbing, not be serious about climbing, and generally have fun in a little internet spot for the unique females who've taken up outdoor sports. So, on Rockgrrl you'll find discussion forums where anyone can post, guys or girls, and then an "invisible forum" for females only. This site is just beginning of course so time will tell what kind of community will end up here, but if the grrls and guys I meet outdoors offline are any indication, I think we can have a great time online too.
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