Need a smile? Play the Flash Dress Up "Game" With Some Ridiculous Options ;)

Climbergirl Dress Up Game

Wallpaper / Desktop Pictures:



1. Tuolemne Granite (More desktop pictures in the works)

How To Setup Your Desktop Wallpaper

1. Wait until the image has fully loaded.
2. Put your mouse cursor over the image.
3. Right-click on the image.
4. Select and click "Set as Wallpaper" (or "Set as Background") from the pop-up menu.
5. If your desktop did not change, refresh the desktop screen

1. Wait until the image has fully loaded.
2. Put your cursor over the image.
3. Hold the control key and click the mouse button.
4. Choose "Save Image As" to store the image on your Mac's hard drive.
5. Open the "Appearance" control panel and click the "Desktop" tab.
6. Click "Remove Picture" and then "Place Picture."
7. Load the new wallpaper from wherever you saved the image.
8. Finally, choose "Position Automatically."

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